The Discovery of Ariadne Picture

It all started... with an invitation.

I've stumbled on a contest piece by ~kanogt a while ago. After wishing her good luck and expressed the sentiment that I did not want to go up against a friend in a contest, she insisted. I imagine I buckled under the pressure.

Therefore, this is a piece done for ~Dragonluver22's contest on mythological figures. The title should be self-explanatory: We are dealing with Dionysus and Ariadne.

The continued-story of Ariadne has always held some fascination to me. After being abandoned by Theseus after she helped him to defeat her half-brother the Minatour, we seldom hear about her chanced meeting with yet another demi-god. This one, Dionysus, would eventually love her, wed her, and turn her into a goddess so she would be beside him for eternity.

I can't say I'm a romantic, but I have to say that I believe in good endings for good people. And Ariadne deserved someone a tad better than Theseus.

A word of explanation here, as usual:
The little white flowers in the background are stephanoitis blossoms. When Dionysus first saw Ariadne, she was wearing a crown made of stephanoitis flowers. He was so happy to have met her that he threw her crown into the sky and created the Pleiades constellation. A remenent of that detail is preserved here by introducing the flowers in the background.

(For those who are familiar with Gustav Klimt's "The Kiss"... the two figures locked in an enternal embrace are also Dionysus and Ariadne. Their identities were revealed by the crown of flowers that the woman wore in her hair... in the shape of the contellation Pleiades...)
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