Asterius's last breath 1 Picture

Asterius's last breath - Minotaur (2008) greek mythology

Asterion (Greek: Ἀστερίων) or Asterius (Greek: Ἀστέριος) mostly know as The MINOTAUROS (or Minotaur) was a bull-headed monster born to Queen Pasiphae of Krete after she had coupled with a bull.

The creature resided in the twisting maze of the labyrinth, where he was offered a regular sacrifice of youths and maids to satisfy his cannibalistic hunger. He was eventually destroyed by the hero Theseus.

Here I have depicted Asterion the Minotaur finding Theseus's thread while standing over the picture of his Mother Pasiphae nursing him on the floor beneath him the showing contrast moments before his death.

Super Sculpey (Polymer Clay) hand painted with acrylic.
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