The Legend of the Minotaur Picture

This is a depiction of the Greek legend of the Minotaur, done for a very dear friend of mine who loves those mythical beasts.

For the legend, click minotaur.html">here. In that version of the myth, Theseus beats the sleeping Minotaur to death... but that's rather boring, isn't it? In my version, the beast puts up quite a fight.
Not only is this not fanart, but it's TRADITIONAL. I mean, wow. I had forgotten how much I love working with colored pencils, and how much easier it comes for me than digital art. This is only the second time I have used my nice colored pencils that I wanted so badly for Christmas last year, but from here on out I will be using them much more. I learned tons about using them from doing this picture. The only downside of colored pencil pictures is that they never look as good scanned as they do in real life, so you guys can't get the full effect...

That stippled background took me AGES, and nearly killed my arm. But it was completely worth it, because I really like the effect.

The Minotaur looks tons better than that old one I did. The one that looked like Banjo, you know? Anyone remember that? If you do, kindly forget all about it... please. XD
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