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I was just going to upload this to LiveJournal and not here, but I figured I had drawn enough faces on one page to warrant a deviation instead. I had tried to draw more faces, but I can't make him extremely sad and sobby in a serious way because he always ends up looking downright laughably ridiculous. Poor guy.

Considering I drew his mug ten times in one day and still didn't get tired of it, I figure he's a keeper. Considering all that, I suppose it warrants a little character rant.

Dikaios is a wimpy little twig of a masonryman in Ancient Greece that only has muscles due to the rough work he does hewing blocks of marble out of a quarry. He's a dork and doesn't have many friends aside from a goat-herder and his goat he passes by each trip to the quarry. Clumsy and unlucky, his faults make him unreliable even though he is a trustworthy man. The only way he can keep up a job at the moment is because the city-state of Thebes is short of workers and needs every able-bodied man on the job. If this weren't the case, Dikaios's employer would be more than glad to replace him with someone stronger and much more courageous. He's old for an unmarried man (in Ancient Greek terms) and can never snag a girl. (He's unattractive in almost every aspect; he's shy and somewhat cowardly, he's weak and can't even grow a beard, he's clumsy and can't do anything to support a family, and in Ancient Greece he's the lowest of the dirt.) Nevertheless he tries to remain almost stupidly happy though his despair at finding a girl has led him to beg at the temple of Aphrodite almost mercilessly.

Anyways, it's not like things can get worse for Dikaios. Until, you know, bringing back the marble one day, he gets intercepted by a towering, roaring, very much alive giant man of bronze that will stop at nothing until Thebes is crushed to the ground.

P.S.: If anyone knows the proper way to pronounce Dikaios, please tell me. I've heard three different ways and I have no idea which one is the closest to being right. ;-;

Dikaios and friends, scenario, and everything is based off of the quest "Zeus and Europa" in the sim-city-like game "Zeus: Master of Olympus"
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