Evolution of Hypatia Picture

I present to you the main character of my story King Hypatian, Hypatia! I must admit, I am quite proud of how I made her look. I am particularly pleased with her outfit on the far right.

Hypatia is a young princess of Thebes who ends up taking her father's throne after his death and that of her older brother's, the one who should be taking the throne. However, alongside the throne, she also inherits her father's war and must lead Thebes to victory. Knowing that an unmarried queen has no hope of gaining any respect from neighboring cities as allies, let alone her enemies, Hypatia cuts her hair and becomes "Hypatian", the late king's long secluded and enigmatic son who has yet to be seen beyond Thebes's walls. Yet her campaign becomes more than just a conflict between city-states as Hypatia finds her enemy, Athens, aided by Athena, goddess of wisdom and war, and herself aided by Ares, god of war. And both are allowing their rivalry to boil. Then, as if there isn't enough on the young queen/king's mind, she finds herself not just in the favor of Ares, but also his bed. 

This set is Hypatia's evolution throughout the story, from her beginning as a young, innocent princess of sixteen to hardened queen who will do what must be done. The first doll represents Hypatia around the time of her father's illness, which is ultimately was kills him. For that, I gave her a fairly royal yet modestly feminine look. She holds her family very dear to her, as she is much well-loved by her father and brother until their deaths. As a princess, she has grown up with the mindset not to worry and that her father will handle everything and all will be fine, yet she quickly learns that this isn't the case. The second doll is Hypatia in mourning, and as Thebe's recent queen. Her hair is shorter because in ancient Greece, women cut their hair when they were in mourning. Naturally, she is wearing all black. The third is Hypatia after cutting her hair and becoming Hypatian. During this time, she hires tutors to educate her in terms of academia and combat. She starts to prove herself a competant ruler. And finally the last one is when she is within Ares's home. Her hair has grown out somewhat by this time, yet she still continues to dress as a man in front of her men and allies. She only wears women's clothes when with Ares. She is in red and black because I imagine Ares being rather fond of those colors on her. 

Made using Azalea's Dolls Goddess Maker-www.azaleasdolls.com/goddess-s...
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