Thebes Poster Picture

Or something. I don't know, I'm sick and while I was sluggishly oozing around the house without a thing I could actually do aside from listen to music and draw, a certain song persuaded me to draw my Ancient Greek characters again. All of them.

The characters that actually have mythological relevance here are Talos, the two Maenad, Polynices, and Jason. (though the storyline that here includes them it has little relevance to actual mythological events, or at least, it doesn't accurately portray them) (at all.)

I was first introduced to the maenad when they were murderous crazy folk, so I've always seen them as villains of some sort. Also slightly monstrous. Either way they're still villains in this tale.

You can see the WIP (basically just the lineart) of this piece here.
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