THE THREE NORNS - Urd, Verdandi and Skuld Picture

Probably the most powerful oracles of Yggdrasill, The Norns (From L to R: Skuld, Verdandi and Urd) are three women chosen by God through the ages to contain the forces of Chance and Fate, which threatened to destroy all the known Reality. Urd (Before Helena), the Greek Norn of the Past, was chosen when bordered her seventies, being the oldest living person of Thebes and in her time, due to the way she told the stories of the mythology of her people, being rejuvenated by God and sent to the Elysian. Verdandi (Before Kyna), the Scottish Norn of the Present, was a mother who died shortly after the birth of her only child, being chosen for having given her life for her daughter , always expect the unexpected and never look back. Skuld, the Apache Norn of the Future, was a virgin who always said that the Creator, who everyone thought had abandoned the Humanity would return to save them from the evil forces that were beginning to collapse the Universe. It was she who held the forces of Chance and Fate, the containing in the feathers that bears in her hair. Skuld had to be found in a hurry, because God had to move at the time was to find it. Thanks to the Norns, the Reality is still as we know it. In the western roots of Yggdrasil, is Urðarbrunnr, the Fountain of the Norns, where they ponder the most diverse knowledge as they weave golden threads, which represent the Reality of all Dimensional Plans.
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