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Hercules (The Mycenaean Heracles)
Hercules comic page - by Ruben Montecinos

I am currently working in a Hercules comic based in the real myth. It happens at Mycenaean Greece in the 1200 BC. It was called the Dark Ages and this is the early history of Greece. The little information that we have is because of clay tablets in which they used a syllabary called Linear B, it was deciphered, but the information is mainly commercial transactions. We know a little further thanks to the archaeological findings and the Homer's poems. Mainly the movies show a mixture of Greco-Roman mythology with elements that existed many centuries later. I read several books of Mediterranean civilizations, Minoans, Egyptians, Hittites and books of Herodoto of Halicarnaso, Tucidides, Homer’s poems and others. Besides the Greek culture is one of my favorite subjects. My basic knowledge of ancient Greek helped me understand a little more of the content of linear B, a primitive Greek. I want to sell it on Amazon, this is my project.
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