Life and Afterlife: Memphis - Colored: FRONT SIDE Picture

This took me a while to finish up on the on-and-off coloring. The Spring Semester at my local junior college has kept me really busy so I did the best I could with the very rare free time to draw some manga bookmarks. I have always been absolutely fascinated by history, and mythology from around the world. Ancient Egypt is one of my favorite mythologies.

On the top: facing to the East is a young Egyptian Common Sphinx gargoyle hybrid warrior, Memphis. The ancient Egyptian people believed that the East was the Land of the Living, while in the manga artwork below as facing towards the West or the Land of the Dead. Memph is a extremely overprotective mother hen to his huge group of mummified Egyptian gargoyles, living gargs, ancient Egyptian human mummified men and women, children as well as living human mates and friends; the Thebes Clan. He's a true force to be reckoned with in battle, and many overconfident foes have lost their lives in a bout. As the leader of the Thebes Clan, and as the Commander of the Four, Memphis is one of most respected guardian by both humans, and gargoyles alike. Once you earn the friendship of Memphis, you have him as a friend for life. Horus and Anubis have made this just gargoyle warrior their champion of Life and Death. Memphis is a very highly-skilled 2nd-level Magi with the powers of Light and Fire.

I originally thought that an evening sky for a background would be a good idea, yet after I became closer to completing the coloring I thought some marble stone wall as a BG would bring some warmth to this normally camouflaged ancient Egyptian gargoyle alpha sire.

Hope you enjoy the long-awaited colored-in drawing, and please send me your thoughts on it before
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