King Oedipus Picture

(series The Plastic Mythology). Film 35 mm
The Royal Oedipus's parents, frightened by predictions that their son would kill his father and marry his mother, decided to get rid of the child. But thanks to the mercy of the crime performer, the child was adopted.
Matured Oedipus, have found out about the prediction, decides to leave his foster parents hoping to avoid an evil fate. Near the city of Thebes, the chariot missed him by inches and the riders who sat in it, began to insult and beat the boy. In the ensuing fight, Oedipus kills the old man who had drived the chariot and his companions. The old man who had sat in the chariot, was the father of Oedipus. Oedipus becomes the ruler of Thebes, and marries the widow of the deceased man – Queen Jocasta.
Realized the truth of what had happened, believed that he was unworthy of the death, Oedipus gouged out his eyes, thus doomed himself to the blindness. He proudly went forward, and found the former self-confidence, compassion for unbelievers in the prophecies.
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