Jinxie and Garadrobe line up Picture

now I know why all these other cartoon guys here on DA make these line ups: they're FUN. So here's Jinxie and Garadrobe's.

Garadrobe: Read all about him here: [link]

Jinxie-Clown: Same with her: [link]

Leslie: Some of you guys know about her, some don't. This harpy is Garadrobe's rival. Ever since he outshined her in their younger years, Leslie has always been out to get Garadrobe, to succeed while he doesn't, to humiliate him at his own game, and she'll stop at nothing until she sees him suffer. If it isn't obvious, she lets this petty rivalry get to her head, much to the point that it affects how she lives and acts. Because of this, as part of a plan to take down Garadrobe, she created Xinjie, the mime.

Xinjie-Mime: You know how Hollywood studios will create two movies about the same thing to come out at the same time in order to compete with each other? Xinjie is the "Volcano" to the "Dante's Peak" Jinxie is. He's like her in many ways, except small differences, one being he's a guy of course. He's also a little more independent in the fact that he doesn't really need Leslie the way Jinxie needs Garadrobe. He can speak (he just chooses not to) and gets annoyed frequently with Leslie's obsessive behaviour, driving him to the point that he doesn't like her. Who knows why he still hangs out with her, maybe a physical attraction?

Leopold: This flamboyant demon is the tailor of Hell. Always making disguises for demons to go up to Earth undetected. Oddly enough, he's a very nice demon, easy to get along with. A casual aquaintence of Gardrobe, they'll hang out sometimes, or they'll see each other at a party, nothing else much about him yet.

Elizabeth: One of the few monsters in Hell that preys on other monsters in Hell. Elizabeth is a lamia, and will take on the form of an attractive woman until her unsuspecting prey gets to close. The only reason she's here is, I dont know, maybe to show that not all demons get along?

Teedo and Chigger: Teedo and Chigger are Garadrobe's drinking buddies. Teedo's work partners with Chigger in the punishment department, their area of expertise, although thanks to the politics now involved, they don't think it's fun anymore, but they're always up for a good party.

Satan: Love 'em or hate 'em, he's the prince of darkness and the boss of all the demons. Spends a lot of time causing evil in the world, and when he's bored with that, he likes to fuck up the lives of his cohorts, who have to sit there and take it because if they complain, they can kiss their ass goodbye. I like drawing Satan as a small sneaky runt as opposed to some big scary monster. He can take the form of one, but this is usually how the other demons will see him. Again, I like drawing him this way because it's really unexpected of what he might do, nobody knows what goes on in his evil little head. If I drew him as a big monster, he'd probably look like he'd be thinking "CRUSH!! KILL!! DESTROY!!" but this look makes him a little more mysterious.

Blaire: Satan's right-hand-woman, she's always hanging around him, ready to do whatever he wants. Used to be a girl who was interested in witchcraft up on Earth when she was living, but since she showed so much respect for the devil when she died, he promoted her, and made her everything she wanted to be. Other than that, she's sort of a drone, knows chants and stuff, but mostly does what she's told.

Sphinx: In the Greek tale of Oedipus, the Sphinx sat outside the entrance to Thebes, asking a riddle anyone who passed by ("Which creature in the morning goes on four feet, at noon on two, and in the evening upon three?"). She would kill whomever couldn't answer. Oedipus answered the riddle correctly ("man – he crawls on all fours as a baby, then walks on two feet as an adult, and walks with a cane in old age"), which caused the Sphinx to jump off a cliff and commit suicide. Now she resides in Hell, when she's not asking riddles or strangling people on Earth, she hangs out in the pool hall with Medusa and Jinxie. She's the more intellectual girl of the three, and one of Jinxie's few friends that isn't Garadrobe.

Medusa: In the Greek story of Perseus, Medusa was decapitated. Like the Sphinx, she now hangs out in Hell, playing pool with Jinxie and the Sphinx. As the Sphinx is more interested in brain power, Medusa's interested in her good looks, despite the fact that she's as ugly as sin.

Athena: Named after the Greek goddess of wisdom, this angel is Garadrobe's girlfriend. I'll say it before and I'll say it again, Jinxie and Garadrobe are not attracted to each other romanticly, they're just really good friends. Athena, on the other hand, Garadrobe has the hots for, who ironically looks a lot like jinxie anyway. But why would he be in love with an angel? Simple, she challenges him both theologically and intellectually. Garadrobe believes he's the smartest demon ever, so he enjoys having conversations with a girl who challenges his intellect. Athena is like any other angel, she's sweet, beautiful, and is always optomistic. She and Garadrobe met on Earth in a cemetary when they both were sent to claim the same soul, and since he wasn't as gross or piggish as the other demons she's tangled with, Athena's taken a shine to Garadrobe. Jinxie still hasn't learned to like her, she believes it'll end in tears.

so yeah, there they there!
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