Monsters of Myth and Legend - Sphinx Picture

Here she is now, a hybrid monster from Greek and Egyptian Mythology, the Sphinx. The Sphinx usually had a human head and a lion's body, but sometimes, she had a woman's head, a body of a wolf (or sometimes a lion), sometimes an eagle's wings, and a viper for her tail. Sometimes there have been ram-headed ones called Criosphinxes and hawk-headed ones called Hieracosphinxes. There have been statues of Sphinxes in Egypt. In Greek Mythology, the Sphinx was said to guard the city of Thebes and to have asked a riddle of passengers to let them pass. The riddle was "Which creature has one voice and yet becomes four-footed and two-footed and three-footed?" Every time they got the answer incorrect or did not answer, the Sphinx would eventually devour them. But, when Oedipus finally solved the riddle with the answer "Humans", the Sphinx threw herself from her high rock and into the ocean where she was dead.

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