The Cadmean Vixen and The Laelaps Picture

Legend has it that the goddess Artemis created a hunting dog, The Laelaps. This dog was no ordinary hunting dog, for it was destined to catch anything it ever hunted.

Then, the god Dionysus, unleashed the Cadmean Vixen, a large fox, greater than any fox known to mortals, a child of Echidna, onto the people of Thebes. This was no ordinary fox, for it was destined never to be caught.

When the Laelaps and the Cadmean Vixen met, they chased each other for centuries. None could truly win. They reached a stalemate and Zeus, perplexed by the paradox of of the two beasts, turned them into stone and cast them into the stars for all eternity.

They rest in our sky as Canis Major and Canis Minor.


This is my favorite myth of all time. My wordpress is cadmeanvixen.
I love this because I've always wanted to be like the Cadmean Vixen. It was extraordinary, with an amazing destiny. It was meant for something greater. Then.. It was thrust into a paradox. I've always wanted to be like that. A mystery, an enigma, a paradox. Something more than what I am.

This is why I want this tattoo on my back one day. To represent the paradox I wish to become.
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