Mugen High-- Subira Picture

Name: Subira 【Rewarded patience】
Age: 17 by human standards
Birthplace: Thebes, Egypt
Race/Species: Anubite; a servant of the Egyptian deity Anubis. *note: As such, Subira carries many traits that jackals have.
Height: 5'6" not counting her ears. If her ears are sticking straight up, she is roughly 6'2".
Eye color: Gold. She does not have pupils.
Likes: Cold weather (jackals are known to be active at dusk and at night; and the desert nights are freezing temperature wise), gold jewelry, dogs, jackals, fashion, puzzles
Dislikes: Warm/hot weather (it makes her drowsy), most reptiles, and conflict

Homeroom: Phoenixfall

Has a crush on one of the inhabitants of Mugen High; Darko.
Friends with one of her fellow homeroom students; Yuki.
She has two pet jackals that came with her from Egypt and are commonly wandering the school.

She loves hearing about gossip, though she's not the one that will spread it around. Unless it can get her something that she thinks is of equal worth to the information.
Basically, she's manipulative with many people, but if you happen to become her friend, she'll treat the person as though they were royalty.
She is very capable in being able to tell if someone is telling the truth or is misleading her or lying to her.
She is outwardly very friendly and will hold a friend's secret to the grave. She isn't smug or cocky, but she does hold herself in a manner that shows confidence. Her general presence seems to have an aura of the unknown.
She also likes to act as though she knows something you don't, though her powers do allow this to be commonly true.

-She automatically knows what direction she needs to take/ she can't get lost.
-She has an affinity with jackals and dogs.
-She can contact the dead at will, and is able to raise the dead to do her bidding.
*note: she can't raise the dead for more than a few minutes at the moment, and she doesn't have the best control over their movements.
-She can see what has happened in the past, what is happening in the present, and what will happen in the future.
*note: She only has a full grasp on reading the past. She can typically see what is currently happening if it is within 10 miles of her present location. Foresight commonly only happens if she is concentrating fully, or by chance.
-She is able to create a rift to the land of the dead and travel to and from it instantaneously.

Weapons: Two sickles; fights with them dual-handed.
Fighting style: Learned from experience; it looks more like a dance. Evasive fighting style.

Basic Stats:
Strength 3/10
Defense 3/10
Speed/ Agility 7/10
Intelligence/ Wisdom 9/10
Skill 5/10

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