Veronica Brain Template Picture

Clarification: No, I am not the one who drew this. *IDreamOfBlueSkies and I are preforming as a team; she is the artist and I am responsible for all of the literature. This is not allowed in the main tournament, but since V is non-competing and it is much easier to visualize her with stable artistry, *IDreamOfBlueSkies and I will be working together.

Name: Veronica (V) ♀
Age: 21
Height: 5’3”
Weight: 120 pounds
DOB: Unknown, celebrated on 2/29
Hometown/Region: Drifter
Personality: V has a very dynamic personality. Her job requires her to be able to slip into any persona at any moment, wearing many different masks and blending in to crowds or sticking out. Because of this, a casual observer may never realize her true personality. Beneath the layers of deception V must constantly wear, she is a dynamic person. While she is cold and distant to most people, she loves Pokémon and treats them with respect and kindness. On the battlefield, V is calm and collected. During her days with Xeta, she was known for putting on a show, but now, she impresses competitors with power and skill. Very few exist that can defeat V, and she has yet to find an adequate challenge for her skills. Above all, V enjoys power. Money typically comes along with it, but power is all V really wants, not just for herself, but her Pokémon as well. And when V wants something, she has a certain knack for getting it. While she never had any formal education in school, V is intelligent, cunning and, if need be, manipulative.

Background: Veronica was abandoned upon birth at a Pokémon training center. Rather than being accepted and raised in the nurturing atmosphere of the center, she was taken by a band of thieves in the cover of the night. These thieves belonged to a reclusive gang known only as Xeta. They were paid to abduct and assassinate Pokémon and their trainers. As she grew, she was taught many skills by the gang, including Pokémon battling and authority evasive tactics. Apart from the traditional trainer abilities, Veronica was taught sword fighting and other archaic skills, as was the tradition of her group. Even as a young child, Veronica, called V by the gang, demonstrated superior ability to understand, train and battle Pokémon.

Her childhood was turbulent, moving from place to place in the cover of the night. The gang had no stable establishment, but their immense wealth allowed them to stay in relative comfort wherever they went. No one is sure exactly why they abducted V, but they loved her like one of their own. Many of them, like her, came from a background with no parents and a rough childhood. They understood pain and suffering, and were not necessarily evil, but they did what they needed to do. Despite their similarities, V never found a true friend in her adoptive family. She was not secluded; she interacted with them on a regular basis, but never became truly close with any of them. V quickly rose through the ranks of the gang and became the most respected member and leader by the age of 15. Staging many high risk, high profile abductions, V made Xeta one of the most respected and revered gangs in the underground world. Thus continued her life until she was 18.

When she was eight years old, V had been given placed in a room with many young Pokémon, and asked to choose one. She had chosen a Milotic, Freya, who rapidly become her most trusted partner and only confident. She became skilled at gaining other Pokémons’ trust and helping V in all of her work. Then suddenly, one morning, Freya was no longer there. After searching for her through the land, V discovered that one of the major rival gangs had stolen her in an attempt to destabilize Xeta’s leader. V was much too strong for that, but she realized that in order to get Freya back, she had to leave Xeta. There were many other capable leaders behind her; her gang would certainly survive. One day, as the clock struck twelve, V took the remainder of her Pokémon and left the only world she had ever known.

Wandering through the streets of the Pokéworld alone, V picked up a series of odd jobs while hunting for Freya. She soon realized that to get him her back, she would need both power and money no longer available to her. She began to hunt for her old clients and find new ones. Starting with small abductions, she realized how much more difficult this job alone. She returned to the drawing boards and formulated a new strategy. Rather than the visible, obnoxious, yet effective abductions that Xeta was known for, V had to now blend in with the crowd and lay low.

She began to become very successful once again, amassing much wealth. She never gave up on Freya and hunted for him every day; she hired many private investigators to look for her. Suddenly, the day she turned 21, V visited her biggest client, Zero, and then disappeared off of the map. Now, six months later, she has applied to be a Brain at UBF. Why? No one knows. Some say she was disillusioned by the underground world. Some say Zero was responsible for taking and eventually killing Freya. Others say she is hunting for Pokémon here, at the tournament. Whatever her motives may be, V’s unique skills and past make her an interesting contender in this tournament.

Reason for Names: When you love power like V does, who better to name your Pokémon after than gods? Chosen from different mythologies, all of V’s Pokémon have formidable names, sending shivers down the spines of her opponents. As they leave the battlefield, each of V’s Pokémon truly does live up to their legendary titles.


Due to V’s skills in abducting and capturing powerful and rare Pokémon, she has many powerful companions. These Pokémon were all taken from other trainers, but V’s benevolent personality and constant care and attention have caused them to be loyal only to her. Additionally, V prefers dragon or dark type Pokémon, though she will accept and care for any.

Indra the Garchomp ♂ - One of the first Pokémon successfully abducted by V, she captured him when she was 11, making their relationship strong and hardy. She captured him as a Gabite and has since worked to get him to his current, ultra-strong level of Garchomp. Indra is an extremely territorial Pokémon; he is ferocious and will not hesitate to rip other Pokémon limb from limb at one direction of V. While he may be uncontrollable by others, he listens to V’s every command. As in its species’ nature, Garchomp enjoys dark spaces such as caves and will often fly off in the middle of the night.

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Quetzal the Hydreigon ♀ - Easily the most vicious member of the team, even V sometimes has a difficult time controlling Quetzal. She is prone to get excited and angry during fights and has a hard time stopping. The newest of V’s Pokémon, Quetzal does not fully understand what V does and the necessity for stealth; she is prone to be rambunctious. However, V has high hopes for Quetzal and knows that someday, she will be the most reliable member of the team.

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Dionysus the Slaking ♂ - True to his name, Dionysus enjoys relaxation and a good time. He is not a fighter, and V knows this, so he tends to stay away from battle. However, the few times when his trainer does call and rely upon him, he is charged and ready for attack. While not one of V’s Pokémon with the highest defenses, when Dionysus steps out in the field, he can cause some major damage. V takes special care to call him only when the time is right, and, for that, V is Dionysus’ favorite person and he would never let any harm come to her.

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Susanoo the Rampardos ♂ - Susanoo is a fun loving Pokémon who wants nothing more than to hit things with his head. He believes that this trains him to be stronger and more agile. When first captured, he would hit V many times, unsure if she was a friend or an enemy. However, when V never backed down to his repeated hits, Susanoo gained respect for her. Now, he directs most of his charging at trees and rocks. Unfortunately, many of the other Pokémon find this annoying, especially in the wee hours of the morning. However, Susanoo smiles and doesn’t really care, going about and hitting things anyway.

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Apep the Haxorus ♂ - While Apep is an older Pokémon of V’s, he is still the most secretive and shy. When called into battle he is fierce and precise, but stops and retrains himself as V says. When training or on the move, Apep does not enjoy the other Pokémon’s company, and instead chooses to train alone. However, his shy and secretive nature does not bother V since she acts much the same way around other humans. The bond between Pokémon and trainer is strong, as often Apep will sneak into V’s room and stand guard over her. Perhaps it is a mutual understanding between the two.

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Cerridwen the Umbreon♀ - As the only pure dark-type Pokémon on V’s team, Cerridwen, commonly referred to as Cerri, is a night prowler. As a silent, but strong Pokémon, she enjoys the nighttime much more than the daytime. She is instrumental in any night abductions that V may partake in. As the least powerful in battle, Cerri is typically reserved as a defensive Pokémon for escapes. This does not diminish her role on the team as Cerri is instrumental if the others get hurt due to their low defenses. V and Cerri have a unique bond, many times, they walk through the night together, not uttering a word.

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