Maenad Picture

Maenad, the nymph of Dynisus. I started reading the third book of ancient Greek mythology. It`s soooo interesting ! So I drawn person from it. A little info about maenads:
Maenads are a special kind of nymph that are the main female followers of Dionysus. Actually there is very little reference in ancient literature to the term 'maenad' so it seems mostly to be a term of convenience. The nymphs who nursed the infant Dionysus became the first Maenads. When he grew to manhood he was able to impart to these women a divine madness that they enhanced with wine. They would wander about in a drunken revel. They dressed in thin skimpy outfits or nothing at all. They carried thyrsus staffs and wore wreaths of ivy on their heads. They danced, played double flutes, or struck tambourines. As they wandered they picked up human converts who joined them. The worship included orgies of the male and female followers. They involved in various sexual activities not just to stimulate fertility of the earth but also to achieve ecstacy. Pan often bragged that he had sex with all the Maenads. The Maenads denied this and are often shown rejecting the advances of a satyr or Pan. They sometimes would achieve a frenzied state that was quite dangerous. In this state if they caught a wild animal or even a human they would tear it to pieces and then devour them.
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