: The Other Me : Picture

Another picture I made for my Project at school. And yes, that is me. <_< Don't I look frightening? ^_^;; I wanted to give it a melancholy and dark feeling.
The original idea was to make it look like Hel from Norse Mythology. Hel is the ruler of the nine worlds of the underworld, which is also named after herself Hel(l). She is said to have one side of her face beautiful and fleshy, the other one blue/red, rotten and decaying. I know it doesn't look like she is decaying, it was just that the idea spiralled out of my hands and now she looks like something I named The Whisperer. The Whisperer is... Something that keep returning in my nightmares. But let's not talk about it, for it is rather scary. But that's where the slashed throat comes from.
And let me tell ye, if this thing hadn't turned out as good as it did, I would never have uploaded it for your pleasures. Nya nya!
Brushes used come from Hybrid Genesis and Miss M.

This is all mine. MIIIINE! 'k? Kudos to my mom for taking that photo of me. © to me.
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