guardian of the gate, tritails (snow version) Picture

oh my AMATERASU. this took FOREVER to finish. anyway, tritails is/was the guardian of the spirit gate, until he heard of ninetails's "death" and went on a rampage, turning against the religion of the sun gods/goddesses and seeking out amaterasu to kill her in vengance.

i would say more but that would be spoilers for my upcoming okami fanfic. tritails is based off a creature from
(GREEK) mythology(lol, i sound like chuggaaconroy) he's based off of the guardian of the underworld which was a three-headed dog.

tritails has a dog head, a fox head, and a wolf head. the fox head being the main one. he also has three tails with bright blue ink.

tritails: me

okami: clover/capcom studios
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