Isis Picture

Isis, Goddess of Life, Magic, and Resurrection, is one of the most popular deities of Ancient Egyptian Mythology. She is mostly attributed with leading the recently deceased to the Underworld where they will be judged worthy of immortality or not. Isis is almost always depicted with large wings. She is said to fly the souls through the night sky and can manipulate and control the wind. The background contains the Tyret or Isis Knot and the name Isis in hieroglyphics.

She Who Gives Birth To Heaven And Earth
She Who Knows The Orphan
She Who Seek Righteousness In Her People
Mother Of The Gods
Mother Of Egypt
The One Who Is All
Lady Of Green Crops
The Brillant One In The Sky
Star Of The Sea
Great Lady Of Magic
Mistress Of The House Of Life
She Who Knows How To Make Right Use Of The Heart
Lady Of The Words Of Power
Moon Shining Over The Sea
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