Welcome to Inferno Picture

Been reading a lot about hell and the underworld and all the different views and ideas about it. So I, being a proud atheist, thought it would be fun to put my creativity to the work and design my representation of Inferno. Taking alot of different inspiration from Christian, Greek, Celtic Mythologies and sprinkles of other older mythologies

My view:
-Broken into 7 sections
-Central section is called either; Purgatory, Limbo or Elysium. Purgatory and limbo by those who feel that they deserve to go to "heaven" and there has just been some type of mistake. Elysium (a greek concept)by the older spirits who feel like this is Paradise. (not drawn Above)
-Around Purgatory/Limbo/Elysium is six sections for those who committed the worst crimes.( all represented above)These include Wrath, Pride, Sloth, Envy, Greed, Lust, Gluttony.

Lust: A fast, humid jungle
Wrath:A sea of blood and anger
Pride: A great walled castle
Sloth: Vast grassy fields
Envy;A burning Desert
Greed: A system of treasure filled tunnels. Basically a dungeon.

I love these bright colors so much
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