Charon No 01 - Styx Picture

A Weapon based on a chapman-stick, (twelve stringed bass) combined with the river styx (greek mythology, one of the three rivers flowing through the Underworld, also the goddess Styx, goddess of the dead)

On the upper left, you can see the (somehow) original shape of a chapman-stick. I changed the shape into a blade-like form.
The twelve strings are put on the upper part, where there is only something above it as a kind of safety for the strings. On the whole corpus of the blade there are frets. The strings go down into a hybrid of a river and a woman, whos arms are held into a skull. A whole symbolism. River + woman = Goddess/River Styx.
Woman + Skull = Metaphor for death.
On the corpus of the blade you can see schemes of souls. Those are to represent the dead souls in the river Styx.
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