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Anyways, another character from Egypt Mythology and part of my
Retelling of Egypt Mythology: An Alternated Version
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Orisis: Brother of Seth, Isis, and Nephthys. Husband of Isis. Uncle of Anubis. Father of Horus.

His Story: He, along with his 3 siblings are the Chosen Gods to rule Egypt. However, Seth, his brother, has always been jealous of Orisis' power and influence and been plotting a coup against him. Orisis, not knowing his brother's intention, usually entrusted him with important tasks, created an opportunity for Seth to ally with the ruling clergy. Orisis was also close with Seth's first son, Anubis, and helped teaching him about government and way to rule, thus won over the respect and loyal of Anubis. On the wedding day of Isis and Orisis, Seth finally decided to act. Caught by surprise and restrained by the magic from the clergy, Orisis is powerless against Seth and quickly defeated and killed by Seth. He then being chopped up by Seth and his body parts are spread throughout the land of Egypt. However, thanks to Isis and Anubis, Orisis is brought back to life for one day and fathered Horus. At the end of the day, he said farewell to Isis and Anubis and entered the Realm of the Dead. There, he became the God of the Dead, Ruler of the Underworld, a position that once again reasserted his Divine Right to rule. After giving birth to Horus and killed by Seth, Isis was reunited with Orisis in the Underworld. Both of them now was watching over Horus; however, they somehow knew that a conflict in the future, brought forth by the struggle of Horus and Seth, will soon engulf all three realms: Godly Realm, UnderWorld, and the Middle Realm. ....
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