Takai Picture

I traded for this fella for one of my adoptables. I altered his design quite a bit. (Original: [link] He's the third on the top row)

Takai (which means "death") is the "evil" spirit/demon-dog that works in the service of Hades. (The greek god Hades) He is partnered with Satsu, (image to come) and their job is to hunt down those who murder or torture an innocent person, and drag them down into the underworld. His tail-tip, underbelly, and the side of his face has wounds that are always dripping blood. When he and Satsu come to fetch you, everything will go dead silent, and all you'll be able to hear is the quiet dripping of blood as Takai approaches.

Of course, Takai does not feel the pain from his never-healing wounds, because he is a spirit/demon wolf. The ONLY time he stops bleeding is when he is happy; which is really only when he is with Satsu, as she is his mate.

Original design: ~skybird33
Takai+new design+art: Me
Lineart: ~soyrwoo
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