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Asura is my second Naruto OC ever and my first Naruto Shippuuden OC. He is created in 2009 to be the main antagonist for impro comic called "Naruto Shippuuden: Ultimate Impro 3 - Blackout". I want to note that Asura is not supposed to be a good and well-balanced OC but rather a villain for our comic. That's why he may be overpowered and stuff. I still hope that he doesn't fall down to "Sue" state, hah.

Creation (insert Mass Effect's character creation theme music here, hah):

As mentioned above, Asura was created for our impro comic. He was easy and nice to create unlike my first OC Shizuya. I kind of knew what I wanted. There has been only slightly modifications for details of his clothes and hair.
Clothes are inspired by Sasuke's latest outfit as well as Karin's (mainly her Ryujinki one), believe it or not. At first, the mask was because of that I couldn't come up with a face, lol. But then I thought it looked kind of cool, so I left it. And in fact, I still haven't come up with a face. Fail. Colours didn't fit him so he's all black and white. My friend told me that he reminds her of Sasori, hah. But I don't know about that. Maybe because of his short hair and high collar.
His personality and meaning has changed a bit more. At first, he was supposed to be somehow "crazy and funny" character, then sympathetic and misunderstood poor little thing but many of Naruto's villains are like that already so I made him a total asshole. Unfortunately I love that kind of characters so I kept it. Obiviously, his background changed a bit along the meaning.
"Asura" is probably one of the most cliché names ever but I thought it fit him quite well. I wanted the name being from Asian culture / mythology / religion and Asura was the one I liked the best. Asuras are demigods / anti-gods from Hinduism and Buddhism.
I think he's kind of weird to be a Naruto character, he doesn't even look like one, hah.
This is a perfect theme song for him, hah: [link]

The information from this on will make more sense when I mention that HE HAS DIED AND CAME BACK TO LIFE.

Basic information:

Forename: Asura
Surname / clan: none
Gender: male
Date of birth: 9th of August
Age: 25 years (he died at that age so he really doesn't age. If he was still "alive", he would be around 34)
Status: eliminated for now (by Naruto, Gaara and co.)
Country: some minor country outside The Five Great Countries
Village: he's from a really poor village located in a mountain called Akariyama ("Mountain of Light"). The village goes by many names. It's official name was "Village with no limits" but before it's destruction it was best-known as one of it's many nicknames, "Nest". After death, Asura became a wandering person without ties to any village
Family: Kohaku (father) and Yuka (mother). Both of them are already deceased
Height: 197,8 cm
Weight: around 60 kg (he's emaciated)
Hair colour: black
Eye colour: black
Team: Raiko Jinrai (+ Chuyasha), Spring, Summer, Takeshi (so-called "primary team") and a plenty of brainwashed random ninjas ("secondary team" / army). The other characters are created by Kawamaru, inogirl94 and Haku97
Goal: classical world domination. He wants control everyone and everything that there is, thus being something like "the only thing that exist in the world"
Personality: calm unless something doesn't go as he pleases, then he becomes aggressive. Since he has a obsessions for controlling absolute everything, he feels himself threatened if he can't do so. He's even a little bit paranoid about that feeling, maybe even fears it. He's extremely selfish and who ruthlessly uses other people for his own benefit. After becoming useless, Asura throws them away like a trash. He's a dominating psycho who enjoys manipulating, torturing and killing people. When he's exited about something he can be a little bit theatrical

Due to not being loyal and official ninja to any village, he doesn't have a rank, ninja registeration number nor have completed any mission.

Trivia time:

His blood type is B.

After death, anything electronical goes crazy when he's around (let's say in a distance of 10 metres or so).

Likes: when alive, Asura liked cold mountain mornings and wandering around (without permission). He also liked light-filled sight of the mountain which came out from all the lanterns which lit up the streets (hence the name Akariyama, "Mountain of Light"). Drinking at izakaya was also something he liked to do and he says that's the only thing he misses about "being alive". Then and now Asura likes the feeling of control as well as manipulating people.

Dislikes: when alive, Asura hated his home village along it's people and his own father, because they all were a bunch of losers. Then and now, Asura hates failing and can't stand people who does that. He also hate being unable to control things. He deeply dislikes Naruto and co. because of defeating him.

"Hobbies": when alive, Asura's hobbies were wandering around, studying about everything, doing research for his jutsu, practicing basic ninja skills such as chakra control and ripping the wings of insects (especially butterflies).

Food preferences: when alive, Asura liked sake, one reason being it's ability to help forgetting things. He prefered the good and expensive ones, but usually had to settle for cheap not-so-good ones due to their poverty. Cheap ones he liked drinking heated to cover up their taste and it did good in a cold mountain environment anyway. He also liked the food you could get from izakaya. He also liked the most of his mother's home-cooked food. Asura didn't like roe or anything that was "too much something" such as salty or spicy for instance. After death he really doesn't eat or drink, the reason being obivious.

Jutsu etc.:

Range: Asura likes to keep his distance, and prefers battles from middle to far range.

Chakra: He has pretty much chakra. His chakra is black-coloured and has an unusual ability to "apart" things. It's said to be "negative chakra".

Tools: Asura really doesn't have any other "tools" than "belts" / "ribbons" that are covering almost his entire body. Originally they are used for protecting his weak body which is one of his major flaws and is exactly why he prefers long range battles. Each of them are 30 m long and can be moved freely and used for attacking, tying, lifting objects etc. you name it.

Shurikenjutsu/Kenjutsu: he's not good at fighting with blades, kunais etc. He uses his belt thingys instead of that. Swords etc. are pretty useless against him since he's dead because he won't die in blood loss etc., but it may be possible to mutilate him. You just have to be really good with sword fightining.

Taijutsu: his taijutsu is nothing special. However, despide it being basic it's pretty damaging if it succeeds. He doesn't use his hands in taijutsu combat but rather his belts and legs and he usually combines ninjutsu attacks with it. Taijutsu may be dangerous when used against him, since a touch from him can lead up to opponent's "explosion" and it obiviously shortens the time to avoid those belts. But still the same, if you're really super expert with taijutsu such as Gai-sensei, it's possible to defeat him with taijutsu.

Genjutsu: Asura hasn't learnt about genjutsu so he really can't use that. Because of his chakra's "rejective" ability, casting a genjutsu upon him may be hard since it's based on disturbing the opponent's chakra flow with your own, so his chakra may block it pretty nicely. Experts such as Kurenai and Itachi would cast a genjutsu however, I believe.

Ninjutsu: Asura is specialized fighting with ninjutsu. Many, if not all, of his jutsus are based on his chakra's ability to "apart" things. He makes different chakra impulses, waves, spheres (a bit similar to Bijuu Dama) etc. from it. Also, if he or his belts touches you, he can send his chakra inside of you and he can "explode" you then. It basicially "rips you apart from inside out". His most significant jutsu is doing a blackout /changing memories / overwriting it all over again. It's explained more later on. He also have a summon-like thing, a large and ugly dragonfly/shrimp creature from the underworld called "Levia". It's used mainly for air raids since it's a flying creature. It's just forced to labour without any contracts so that's why it's not a real summon. Most ninjutsu attacks are useless against him since he can break through them instantly. However, the bigger etc. technique the more time it takes to break. That's your chance to hit him. But it really has to be big with a big "B" to be effective. Also techniques that has "nothing to break" can be effective too such as sound-based techniques.

Blackout / memory changing / overwrite jutsu:

There are two mandatory steps and four options in this jutsu.
1) blackout is necessary for all the rest of the options.
Blackout will simply remove a certain / whole memory from your head. If this removed thing is not replaced with anything new it will just feel like "a blackout". Asura can leave it like that or create something to fill that blackout.
The next step is 2) overwrite. There are two options in this step. A) partial overwrite. If creating new false memories, it should match somehow the victim's past (at least the near past related to altering memory) and possible near future (again, releating to memory he's changing) thus being logical and feeling more realistic.
Now, a lot depends on the victim itself whenever to believe or not. "Make-believing" is optional and something that you don't always have to do. To help believing and to weaker the mind of the victim, he can use several methods. Those methods are for example a ruthless brainwashing in which victims are forced to push everything he ever imagines down their throats or causing some traumatizing event which will weaker the victim's mind. This is good to do before doing the jutsu though which is another optional thing to do, "weakening". As said, this is usually done beforehand if necessary. A reason for a person called Raiko being in a team is because he has a Doujutsu Kekkei Genkai that can bring up old traumas. That makes the victim weak and open for some mindfuck. Now that's a cool team combo.
Other option for the stage two is b) complete overwrite. Sometimes it's just easier to start with a clean slate and just overwrite the whole paperwhite mind and create everything from the start. This, of course, takes some more time but is more easy in view that he don't have to think about victim's earlier / up-coming life and they believe everything and are really easy to enslave and labour. In other words, they are a mere puppets of Asura.
The weaker the mind is the easier are these jutsus to do. Overwhelmingly strong will and mind will be harder to overcome and alter (just think about some stubborn person like Naruto). The jutsu is also easier to do to one person at time instead of a massive group of people. That, however, is possible especially if some event like war occurs when it would be pretty easy. Doing this to someone like Naruto or a mass of people without anything like war would require a much of chakra and stamina.
After doing these modifications, a certain "mark" is left on the victims. Simply put, a bit of his chakra stays in them. With this, he can "follow" them and if necessary eliminate them by blowing them up (remember the ability of his chakra). The mark disappears when the victim dies. Also, all of the modificated are left with a automatic reaction to do "a honorful suicide" if they speak too much about Asura or his plans.
Because the change is also physical, canceling it is really hard, nearly impossible. Slight modifications are possible to withdraw with a so-called déjà-vu effect. More modificated recollections and brains would require so much paradoxic déjà-vus that it's practically impossible. And even so, if you would regain some of your "old memories" they don't necessarily match to your "new self" so most likely it would be forgotten as a dream-like vision. The person itself comes to a big part again.

Weaknesses: even though he's dead which make him a bit harder to defeat, that doesn't mean it is impossible to eliminate him. He can be buried, sealed away or sucked into another dimension (Kakashi's Kamui, Tobi's box dimension) for example. I believe that he can be burned down with Amaterasu (I doubt that normal fire wouldn't work for him) or dusted away by The Third Tsuchikage's Jinton jutsus also. Smart ones like Shikamaru would eventually come up a way or another for sure. Other way is to beat the shit out of him. Destroying, making him a goner. In other words, that's what Naruto would do. However, he won't let you do that so easily.

Other picture of him: [link]

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