Izanami and Izanagi Picture

"Izanami and Izanagi"
9" x 12"
screen print on BFK Reeves
edition of 7

This is the third in a series of prints i made for my screen printing graduate course. My series focuses on illustrations of mythology.

The assignment was to create a narrative. The subject matter of this piece deals with the Japanese myth of Izanagi and Izanami. The two Gods were passionate lovers, until one day Izanami was taken to the underworld. Izanagi ventured to the underworld in hopes of saving her. Upon finding her, Izanagi holds up a lantern only to find out Izanami has become a permanent resident of the underworld. Izanagi rushes out, sealing Izanami in the underworld. Enraged by this, Izanami promises to take 1000 souls every night. In response to this, Izanagi promises to give birth to 1500 souls every morning.

In this print, I really challenged myself with creating a more complex work with many different colors. The final image contains 5 colors. The most challenging aspect of this screen printing process is keeping everything registered with all of those different colors. I love how many editions I got, considering I printed 12 times.
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