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C.E.S (Character Evolution Series)
Name: Nityasundari Janika
From: Prima Kyria - Damselle Project

One of my oldest and most beloved original characters. Probably a self-insert. xD

So, this is from the beginning of GH. After taking them out of the Saiyuki fanfic, I created the first GH draft which was written in script form and was obviously a Saiyuki rip-off. However, I'll get to that post some other time.

The Demon Queen Li-Wei (2003-2004) (No, I had no better names for her at the time, so I grabbed a generic Chinese sounding on, gj Kyria) was a half-god and half-demon, who was banished from heaven after her birth. She was originally taken to the underworld to die but upon surviving, she taught herself the dark crafts and became a powerful demon witch who soon took over the underworld. She then realized her ambition to want to conquer the earthly realm where she and her demon children would be the supreme ones. This ambition came into motion when her half-sister, the Goddess of Light, Li-Mei (we'll get to her later) rebelled against the god King by descending into earth as a sign of refusal to submit to his authority any longer. The goddess was then followed by hundreds and thousands of other demi-gods and immortals who were loyal to her. Li-Wei saw this as an opportunity and was able to convince her half-sister to join her quest for total control and domination.

Li-Wei was originally just your typical female villain. Manipulative, overbearing and had no trouble using people like objects and such. She was also very power hungry and wanted nothing more but to take over the realm just so she would have "playthings" to rule over. She didn't really have much of a personality aside from that.

Maiden Hou-Yi. (2004-2005) This is probably the most different and deviated version of Devika ever. I have no idea what came over me when I decided she would take the "tragic heroine" route. Hou-Yi was just a minor flashback character that was meant to make my character Rei Ananda more tragic. She first appeared in the short multi-chapter called "Prayer" which I posted on the Parallel Yahoo Group. Hou-Yi was Rei's gentle and kindhearted mother who was then forced to be a common whore for ebul heretic soldiers. In the story which I never finished, Hou-Yi was killed along with the new batch of soldiers who were raping her when Rei finally snapped and awakened his powers, but was unable to control them, therefore finishing off everyone in the room except for himself. Hey, Kyria. Fushigi Yuugi called, they want Nakago's backstory back. Thanks.

Lady Shakti of the Ananda House. (2005-2007) Returning somewhat to her usual self, Hou-Yi became Lady Shakti. The mysterious and powerful beautiful witch who then took in Toki's mother, Wen-Chiao, after she had run away from home when she was disowned and banished by the Amida. Shakti then trained Wen-Chiao how to use and hone her powers (even though they were of opposing sides, Shakti being Heretic and Wen-Chiao being Celestial) and for a while, they worked together as bounty hunters and as the town's witches for hire. Wen-Chiao was supposed to have assisted Lady Shakti in the birth of her son, Rei (who is canonically only a few years older than Toki). But then they went their separate ways after Wen-Chiao married the Elemental tribal prince, Haniyasu. There is no more mention of Lady Shakti in GH canon afterwards, as she was just meant to be an arc character (as Wen-Chiao also was).

I would say that Lady Shakti is the closest to the way Devika is now. Their personalities are relatively similar, however, Devika is more headstrong and definitely more queenly.

Goddess of the Heretics, Queen Jia Ananda (2007-2010) I would say that she was probably the most overrated version of this character. xD
She was back to being villainess galore just as she was back in 03. I had made a creation/origin myth (which was completely overshadowed by some... outside forces kthanx). Goddess Jia was supposed to be the main villain of the GH story as referenced here: [link] (but shit got in the way). She had a bit more of a personality now. She was still manipulative and greedy as ever, but she had also become somewhat motherly and protective over her race. Did I mention oversexed? Although she mostly stayed backstage, she was mostly the one causing shit to go down for the good guys. Goddess Jia was also a powerful war goddess. Also, she was oversexed. Did I mention oversexed? I meant oversexed.

In this canon, Rei was still her son. However, she also was introduced to have other children, who like Rei were heretic princes and princesses. They were: Prince Rokou, Prince Rei, Princess Reina, Prince Yuu and Princess Xia.

Goddess and Queen of Magic, Nityasundari Janika (also known as Devika) (2010-Present) After "soul searching", also known as "that time where I had to get my stuff untangled from all sorts of shit", ~angeltechtower had given me our own wiki page to play with and it just kind of picked off from there. I had scrapped the whole Celestials, Heretics and Elementals idea for various reasons and so I had to start with a new GH project (after all those years). It was then that I realized that Devika had a really big part to play, so she couldn't fit in the GH canon anymore as a side character. And that's when Damselle Project was born. It was a goddess-centered collection of stories, which then grew more spin-offs until DP and all its sister series (Maiden's Tale, Siren Song, Vixen Chronicles and Girl Destiny) became part of a mother series named Prima Kyria.

Goddess Devika is the Goddess who presides over Light and Dark Magic. She is also the Queen Regeant of Dea in the absence of Kyria, making her sort of the leader. Being closest to the Supreme Goddess Kyria, their personalities are very much similar. Except that Devika is calmer, more sensual and rather manipulative (as Kyria is just merely political). As the Goddess of Light Magic, she is known as Amadevika while as the Goddess of Dark Magic, she is Ammangala.

Goddess Adishakti in my collection of mini-stories based on world mythology (entitled 'Journey to the Rest'), Devika is the equivalent of Adishakti as referenced here: [link]. So, it's like saying that Devika is somewhat my version of the Hindu Goddess Adi Parashakti (she was somewhat my inspiration). Shakti, also appears as Saraswati, Lakshmi, Parvati/Kali in Journey to the Rest.

Nityasundari Janika and all her variations, as well as this rendition of Goddess Shakti (c) ~primakyria
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