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Persa Enteus is an OC from a series I'm collaborating with SamwiseTheAwesome on. She's a high class "entertainer"(think the Companions from Firefly) and ally to Adriana Bex. Bex does not approve of her career choice or poor impluse control. She will accept clientele from any race or gender. (Nasty stuff I know but see the explanation below). She at best, tolerates her for the sake of the good information she's a constant source of. Little details to look for, the tattooed grape vines on her leg and the flower tattooed around her belly button. Her hair pin was payment from one of her frequent guests, a pirate named Sucesu[link]
(The strongest pirate confederacies are major underworld players)

The world of Adriana Bex is darker than its creator perhaps intended. This is a dark world of corruption and violence where mercenaries thrive. In a world where there are clear lines of black and white they need not exist. There is black in the evil of the Goblins and the high priestess Mera Dimosis but all else is shades of gray.
The Kingdom of Nusia, and with it her hometown Myre did not win the Blackmoon Wars but merely survived them. The Price was high and among those things lost was the basic moral code of Nusian society. The nation has been rotting for 28 years and it has been growing steadily worse. Where morality does not exist chaos thrives. With the destruction of morality and order the lowest forms of behavior exist. Bex stands distant from it She does not approve of some of it and I, the caretaker and custodian of another’s mythology have made these things a part of the story though I do not approve of any of it. The pervasive darkness corruption and evil are simply visible symptoms of the societal rot that plague the world of the story. These things exist in war and the constant threat of war and there too, exists the mercenary.
Adriana Bex and her allies are a lighter shade of gray than some but the fact remains they stand against a system that is utterly broken and corrupt, and she is more moral than some, less moral than others. She does what she must to survive. She is more antihero than heroine. The hard edged warrior in a world once again new to her, the teenage girl forced to be strong by circumstance. The inexperienced mercenary who too often loses bouts with nostalgia. she is the daughter of a powerful criminal, a powerful dangerous man, but not an evil one.
She is the Princess of Shadows, heir to broken empire.

pose borrowed from [link] so all credit where it's due.
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