Ancient OCstery Picture


so I drew a lot of my old OC's

Shiryn= Oldest of the old. I think I was in the 7th grade..if not earlier when I came up with her XD She's 100% a horrible character, and was everything I wanted to be at that age. Pretty, weird unique eyes, pretty unique hair. She was no doubt bout it a Mary Sue. thankfully she wasn't a character insert into any fandoms. She was her own dealio. wannabe martial artist that was a bit eccentric that ends up finding a cute boy.

Lilith, I've drawn before, but she comes from an old idea..and technically is a LYLE. My first genderbended character! :'D *wipes away tears* and I managed to mix in fucked up judeo-christian mythology.
Lyle is the reincarnated Lilith, who now has a Devil after his ass. In the underworld, taking back his title of Lilith, is a woman.

Salali aka Sally; I'm not sure if I've put her on DA before. I might have called her something else if I had. Same character. Shes from a universe I came up with from a dream. It's one part old west and one part fantasy and one part steampunk (I didnt even know what steam punk was when I came up with her XD)
Salali herself is one part cowgirl and one part pocahontas. She's "native american' but has a heavy southern accent and likes cowboy clothes. She's deadly serious, and only one of the Collectors is brave enough to fuck with her.

Viper I know I've drawn before on here XD Viper whom was named as such before I had ever heard of KHR. His universe is a bit underdeveloped, and is kinda a mix of Firefly/Xmen/Avatar. My first ever scifi story thats...something?
Viper's an antihero, fucked up past, but he's kind of an ass regardless.

Miller, I've drawn once on here. MILLERRRR bored boy. ends up with a escaped mental institution boy hiding in his room. Millers one of those characters I love cus he was one of the first I ever came up with, though his story is pretty weak XD

Alex, drawn before..not recently. He starts a revolution after a traumatic childhood (though he's only 13 himself) and while his reasons might be understandable..his organization itself is all in the wrong.

my style is bipolar.
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