The Comeuppance of a Miltank Picture

Based on events that happened during a Nuzlocke variant I'm doing on Heart Gold, and may or may not turn into a comic. After watching this guy's Pokemon Platinum Randomizer Nuzlocke and seeing his Unown, I decided to try out Unown for myself and see how long it lasted.
I caught an Unown J in the Ruins of Alph and, to fit with my naming theme (ancient mythological beings, preferably deities), nicknamed it "Osiris," after the Egyptian king of the underworld (I think of hieroglyphics when I think of Unown). Osiris is surprisingly tough, and having a Grass-type Hidden Power doesn't hurt at all.

Anyhoo, I had gotten to the third Gym, which, as any of you who've played the G2 games or their remakes know, is the notoriously difficult-to-beat Whitney. Sobek (my Croconaw) was able to defeat Clefairy despite being infatuated. However, I was scared stiff thinking about that Miltank.
Turns out, I was able to beat it without losing a single Pokemon. My secret? LOTS of setting up--Miltank would end up poisoned and with minimized Attack, Speed, and Accuracy. I decided that, after I had rained justice down upon that Miltank by rendering it completely helpless, I'd add insult to injury and use Osiris to deliver the final blow. ^^

For those of you less fluent in Unown text than I am, Osiris is saying:
"I see my partners have already weakened you, Miltank. Now you shall feel the power of the one they call Osiris."
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