Greek: It's... Mythological Picture

Fear my terrible title pun.

I've been whining for a long time that I can't remember half the Greek Mythology I used to know when I was younger.

Whilst digging through the mountain of my dad's books in the Narnia Cupboard in my room yesterday for a new book, I stumbled across my Greek Mythology tapes.

So I listened to them.
And I doodled.
This happened.

We have Promethius and Epimethius, the ones who created Humans and Animals respectively.
Epimethius is a bit jealous.

We also have Pluto, God of the Underworld.
And secret emo kid.
Well, can you blame him? He lives on his own in the dark. And probably writes bad poetry. But still, that's no reason to go stealing Goddess' Daughters.

And a couple o' ghosts. Your traditional ghost, and the Ghost of Art Students Present. Borrowed off *saturnangel
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