Supernatural Goth-Chick Picture

And continuing on with the "Twilight of the Gods" episode of Hercules, it made me wonder what some of the _other_ Norse Gods, the ones we didn't see in that episode, might look like if drawn in the show's style. Which led to: this.

This is my rendition of Hel, Loki's daughter and Queen of the (Norse) Underworld (well, part of it anyway), as she might look drawn in the style of "Hercules: The Animated Series". She sort of came out as a sullen teenage lookin' goth-chick, but that fits the humour style of the show just fine. The original was supposed to be either a dead girl, or dead down one side of her body and alive down the other. Glech! That would be WAY too dark for a Disney cartoon, so I just interpreted ruling over death as goth, and there you go.

It also makes sense to have her seem youngish, because even though gods are immortal, on this carton they still draw gods who are children of other gods as looking about a generation's worth younger than their divine parents. I gave her colouring halfway between Loki, and the way I came up with Angrboda's (her mother, in the original myths)--who was shown WAY back at the beginning of my gallery so you're allowed to not remember what she looks like. And yes, she is supposed to be THAT skinny. She's _dead_, after all. Either that or a terminally fashionable teenager.
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