D-d-doodiln' Picture

Just some nifty idea I drew out, but was too lazy to transfer to a clean sheet of paper.

Top left: The flier of my demon gang. Basically a set of teeth with wings. Not really much more too 'im, he's like the mindless attack dog of the group.

Top right/middle left: Look at this guy. LOOK AT HIM. I love him. Like Pouh, he started as a sketch from boredom, and also like Pouh, I adore the design. Since he has a very mystical/mythological fee to 'im, I'm gonna try and tie him in with the Five. Probably an old foe, a mortal enemy from the ancient past. Might even throw him into the demon gang, since I really need more of those guys and all. I shall call him... Palaigon.

Middle center: Just that demon dude with the buttload of arms I drew a while back. He shall be named Hessalith!

Middle right: Another of the demon gang. This 'un the king's right hand man, his loyal bodyguard and companion. I dubeth him Heetgaard, or just Gaard for short. He's the bruiser of the group, covered in armor and packin' some serious weapons. His main form of all are those big, armor encrusted first. Then there's the flat, broad blade on the tail, and I think he shall spit and drool lava as well. This guy will make an excellent rival for Plume.

Bottom: The demon king himself. The latest in a long line of demons to rule the Underworld, he rises to the surface in a precise, planned takeover with those he trust most. unlike all the previous demon kings, he will not have a great amount of raw power. Instead, he had to rely on spells and potions to become strong (this the discolored patches and tribal tattoos), learning a great deal of magic and medicine. This would usually be looked down upon and hated by most demons (the underworld being a barbaric warrior culture), but this guy has a little something extra going for him- incredible charisma. He's a completely charmer, his smooth tongue gaining him as much power as his black magic. Using his charm and magic, he brought- HIS Order- to the Underworld and seeks to spread it to the surface. Besides spells he can cast himself (shapeshifting, hellfire, etc.), he wields a sword that once belonged to Lucifer himself and the skull of the original demon king. I think he will be named... hm... Dar'ichor Felinus.

Oh, and since I'm talking demon's here anyway, the Discord-inspired brute I unveiled alongside Hessilith will be called Hellistroff. Probably, anyway...
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