Persephone and Her King Picture

This is Hades and Persephone when Cyrina meets them while she is feeding on animals in upper world of Earth in my storyline. They are the king and queen of the Greek Underworld and have some corridor in the U.S. In the Underworld Chronicles storyline, they feed on animal blood and aren't too shocked by her gruesome display of her feeding on a bear. Cyrina describes Persephone as purely innocent, but also mature for her years.

She has both the features of me and my twin sister, Cynthia in one body. Except her blonde hair is long and has perfect curls flowing to the bottom. Her eyes are a perfect, chestnut brown. She stands at 5'11, my mother's height and wears an esquisite black dress with off the shoulder silver lining. Very innocent, but also mature for her age.

Hades as described by Cyrina is handsome and hardworking. Though aloof at times, he's also generous and kind. Hades stands at 7'1 with black hair with silver highlights to his bangs.

Though is the oldest of his family in the Greek Mythology, he doesn't look past mid to late 20s. Hades is probably very aloof at times because he doesn't like certain people. However, he is kind and generous once you get to know him. I have. His eyes are blue like the sky, but will turn black if you provoke him in a negative manner. Hades stands over 7 feet tall, much taller than his wife and is very muscular

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