Cerberus: Hellhound God Picture

"I'M SPARTICUS!" To quote my younger brother on my newest pixel art, and one of my biggest and most detailed. In the RP I've been participating, there is a group of wolves known as the E-Tiso, who are quite, well EVIL! *holds pinky to mouth ala Dr Evil* Well, what is a cult/evil organization without their devil worship? Well I began to think back towards greek mythology, and came up with the guardian of the underworld, Cerberus. Yes, Cerberus! The three headed hell hound with a taste for human flesh! Sounded perfect for an evil villain god. I set to work in making the biggest most intimidating pixel art I could, and I succeeded!

Cerberus is heavily detailed, beneath his armor all the muscle details were made. His armor based off of Roman and Greek period armor, and modeled to fit the description. Hammer marks, scratches, and oxidation can be seen in the heavily used armor, and more battle scars can be seen through Cerberus's short fur, short so he could survive the boiling heat of the underworld. Nearly every shading style I have ever used, has been incorporated into this piece in some modified form or another; Razz, Animative, metallic.

Before you comment, I had alot of difficulty on the snake tail, not in modeling but in the scale texture. I know thats gonna get chewed up and spit out. The pupils aren't there on purpose, to give it a far more posessed and evil look. It is unfortunately, smaller than the Dick Tracy PA I did, but not by much (A hat helped Mr Tracy though XP ) and it is larger in height than that head that Roareye did. It isn't an Oekaki though, by definition as it was not hand drawn first. This piece was entirely done by hand, pixel by pixel on the computer. Anyways, without further adeu, here it is, Cerberus: Hell-Hound God.
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