Wildfire Picture

So… AJ-sama finally returned from the land of the dead for who knows how long! So I finally got around to finishing this piece so she might get to see it before she has to go back to the underworld for six more months!! (if you don’t get the joke you need to read a Greek mythology book my friends)

Let me say this… MY SCANNER IS A EFFIN’ RAPIST!! This pic looked so much better before I foolishly trusted my scanner to take care of it!! I’ll upload a black and white version later.

Anyways this is my TF OC Wildfire. I know most of you won’t read this, but hey! I can say anything I want! Like… you’re a robophobe if you don’t like Transformers! Suck that! How does that feel? Hurts doesn’t it?

Anyways, I’m in the “middle” of “writing” a “short” story with her and her brother Tek who I will draw once I know what I want him to look like.

For those interested, enjoy.


AJ… you OWE me your OC’s now.
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