Aurora the Celestial Nymph of the Nothern Lights Picture

yes Aurora the Celestial Nymph of the Northern Lights or the Aurora Borealis

i havent drawn a good picture in awhile, so i came up with this. apparently i can only draw well things that dont exist.

i plan to do a seires of all the five types of nymphs:
celestail nymph: complete
land nymph: soon to come
wood and plant nymph: soon to come
water nymph: soon to come
underworld nymph: soon to come

i'll add the links once i draw them and upload them

i did alot of research on this to make it some what accurate, i gave her wings cause one page said that they took the form and sharp that similar to their surroundings plus a lot the celestail nymphs from greek mythology had wings so i gave her wings!

i really like this though the scan didnt come out as well as i would have liked. i love the colours and hope you do to

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