Medea Picture

Another original character inspired by the Mortal Kombat mythology. I created Medea here to be a member of the Red Dragon.
Her story is that her background is a mystery even to the Red Dragon. Medea is almost feared among her peers because of her total mastery over black magick and summoning. Before Shao Kahn's invasion of Earth, many of the Red Dragon believed Medea to be a demon due to her vast knowledge of the underworld. Given current knowledge of the realms and the various factions within them, some of the Red Dragon members suspect her of being a spy from the Netherrealm's Brotherhood of Shadow. Whether she is simply a powerful witch or a spy from another realm remains to be seen.
I'm pretty confident I'll be able to make something close to her in Armageddon's character creation, as she's got no extra limbs or otherwise unusual features.
Mortal Kombat, the Red Dragon and its logo, Shao Kahn and the Brotherhood of Shadow are all ©Midway
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