"I Want a Name." Picture

Navi put her hand on his back, looking at him closely. "Now, what's wrong Demon?"

He sighed and looked away from her, at the floor. "That's just it. All anyone ever calls me is 'Demon'. It's just a description..."

She looked closer. "But, well..."

"What's wrong is... I want a name." He looked her in the eyes. "'Demon' is just a random noun. It's not a name. A name is bound to the person. Like you, Naviru."

She blinked a couple times at her whole name being mentioned. "Then we can give you a name~" She smiled. "We can do that, and we can tell Liam and Jara to call you by it, okay?"

He nodded. "Sounds good to me."

Later, after looking on the internet, they discovered some interesting things from mythology.

"Hey, this is something that relates to the underworld," Navi said.

"What is it?" He read the screen closely, and looked at her. "There's a river that leads to it."

She nodded. "It's called Charybades." Then she smiled again.

"I like it."

"I do too."

Thank you Yuu for helping me get him a name~!

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