Blade Killer and Cerberus Picture

My inspiration for this character were Hellboy, Ghost Rider & Spawn, all having specific traits the inspired me to create this one. I actually started designing this guy in 6th grade, people really seemed to like it. Blade Killer as a child was raised by his mother the Angel Warrior known as Serenity, but his father the Demon Lord Hellraiser didn't like the idea of having his Demon son being raised by her. So he kidnapped his mother and left his son to fight his way out of a fire his father started to test his Demonic abilities. Blade Killer escaped with his pet Hellhound Cerberus. My inspiration for him were Balto and of course Hellhounds as well as Cerberus from Greek Mythology. After escaping Hellraiser's test alive Blade Killer was taken in and raised by a young couple who were later killed by The Annihilator, who also happened to be the same Demon who killed Angela's parents. After losing his family Blade Killer and Cerberus were found by Demonoid a Cyborg Demon who worked for the S.N.D.F. (Supernatural Defense Force) and was trained to be an excellent marksman and a melee weapon specialist. He is also an expert in hand-to-hand combat. Meanwhile in the Underworld, Blade Killer's mother escapes Hellraiser's domain and sets out to find her son. Instead she finds Angela & her brother and trains them to use their Angelic abilities. Not long after being recruited to the S.N.D.F. Blade Killer unlocks his Elemental, Angelic & Demonic abilities. he can now has super strength (Earth), super speed (Lightning), flight (Air), the ability to breath underwater (Water), the ability to walk through and manipulate fire (Fire), the ability to heal himself & his allies (Angelic Abilities) as well as being able to summon an army of Demons to fight by his side when wearing the Gauntlet of Evil. he can also spawn a suit of armor to protect him in battle, he is also worthy to wield The Sword of The Underworld. After being reunited with his mother and defeating his father from taking over the world Blade Killer was assigned to a new team. This team contained some friends of Blade Killer and a few ex-agents of the S.N.D.F. In fact this team hadn't been formed since the deaths of two of its senior members Superman & Wonder Woman. The members left were Batman, Aquaman, Martian Manhunter, Green Lantern, The Flash & Hawkgirl. With Blade Killer leading them they were The Justice League 2500. Together they have made many allies and stopped many threats like The Swarm, Primeval's Injustice League, Bane's Secret Society & Scarecrow's Alliance of Fear, but the greatest threat they've faced was Oblivionem Quae Exterminatore De Hominem (Oblivion The Destroyer Of Man). Now they fight to defend the innocent and mankind against the forces of evil.
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