Isis Picture

Goddess of motherhood, healing and Magic she was the ultimate goddess. Married her brother Osiris who was then killed by their other brother Set (AKA Seth). She resurrected her hubby so Set killed him again and turned him into a scavenger hunt/jigsaw puzzle. She found all the bits and pieces, except a rather important bit, and with the help of Thoth, god of all knowledge, Nephthys, her twin and goddess of mourning, and Anubis, either her nephew or her nephew and stepson, god of mummification and death they put Osiris back together. But the one missing piece? His penis, it was eaten by a fish. So Isis fashioned him new danglies from gold and magic and then slept with the body to conceive Horus. Who she protected and raised to seek revenge...

Osiris, probably tired of dying, stayed in the underworld as ruler of the dead.
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