OC Meme Remix - Ow, pain... Picture

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My god, that was fun. Coloring them all would have killed me, though. D: I'll color some later.

ANYWAY, as for the characters--here are their details! xD

1. Sirithiel [Cross Haven] (used to be Selidra, but felt my ego needed to be shot down--so I changed her name. Might change it back just because I have too many characters with "iel" ending their names. D: )

She belongs to Cross Haven, and is the online persona of Sephiri Aires. Uses a halberd to fight.

2. Sirae/Silae [PIKO] (she really doesn't care, and I can't pick.)

The main character who returns to her old city and finds that not everything has changed...

3. Shino Ohkami [Break the Sky]

My submission for the TWEWY contest--who will soon become a major character for some random new idea... He's Japanese, and is fluent in English and his native language. A bastard to strangers, a suspicious character to friends--more like acquaintances.

4. Skia [Cross Haven]

The online persona of Kisa Shiratori, a Japanese girl who was raised in America--currently in her 3rd year of high school. Skia is usually in her "Ring girl" form when fighting enemies--and will only transform into her true form whenever she's facing difficulties.

5. Atereiniel (or Ein, as he's commonly called. Another "--iel"...)

A shapeshifter--only for animal forms though--who is also the soul of a girl named Kysaldri.

6. Aegis Lancer [Solemn Gray]

A monk/fist fighter/ex-assassin who accompanies a healer named Teriasiel throughout her journeys. Harbors a crush on the girl, no matter how many times she avoids his advances. Vowed to atone for the deaths of others by protecting the weak.

7. Halcesia [Mistletoe Cadaver]

A...strange being known as the Caretaker who watches over souls and the lives of others.

8. Eriadiel [PIKO]

One of Sirae's best friends who dislikes lazy people, and yet has grown fond of Sirae. Acts like an older sister even though she's younger than Sirae.

9. Teriasiel Pan [Solemn Gray]

A healer who has connections to the underworld--will be a psychobitch if she hasn't gotten enough sleep.

10. Novia Beris ["Your Sky"]

The male lead of an entourage of females...sounds like a harem--but isn't. He's a god-in-training who had an unfortunate meeting with four...rather unordinary children.


Unnecessary Explanations:

1. Shino and Skia both come from Japanese households and...can be pretty bitchy at times. They'd get along quite well. D:

2. ...

3. Aegis would rather stalk Teriasiel. D:

4. Girl love? xD ...I can't draw romantic scenes. -__-; Novia wouldn't even care.

5. With Hoboism a prominent theme of PIKO, Eriadiel would...resort to drastic measures? xD;;;

6. LOL. Lies. I'd scream and run.

7. ...reminds me of my cooking...

8. Between marrying someone named Eriadiel, Teriasiel and Skia--Skia sounds easier to say, doesn't it? DDD:

9. Midgardsorm. Norse mythology. Snake that could surround Midgard--middle child of Odin and his giantess wife? ...RESEARCH TIME. My humor sucks. ._.

10. What? >_>;

11. Novia just turned 14...so...ahahahaha...xD;;;

12. ...I'd be scared of her too. xD "Become a mushroom." "Noooo"

13. Can't draw bridal gowns...D:

14. Ein turned into an elephant~ I'm tranquilizing them all...

15. Er...Sirae would just...not be very happy and...slaughter everyone connected to said murderer. -___-; She needs a chill pill.

16. Out of the way of a car or into the path of a car? YOU DECIDE. Suck at action.

17. Fire. Yay.

18. She's....wearing no pants? I suck at perspective too. -__-;


If you can't read anything, then...xD;;; Ask? I need to learn how to draw with a tablet.

All characters (c) Selidra
Please don't edit/steal them. D:
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