Samantha Kicks Picture

*edit* so...I scanned it kay?

The girl's name is Samantha Kyleen Kicks.I made her up.
This is her story;
She is the fifth re-incarnation of Helen of Troy [From the greek mythology] That's why she's so beautiful,(Blonde,blue eyes,tan skin,duh!)
She's 15 years old and lives alone in a crappy old appartment.She may be pretty but it dosent mean her nature is neat!The reason for this is that her father died from lung cancer and her mother got a heart attack.
The reason for why she turned to crime dressed as a ninja is that her parents are dead and she has nothing to loose its from her culture partly scince her father was Japaneese and her mother was Greek.Her criminal feildname is;Kamangangallie {from the underworld creature;Kamangareth from the Zenith of the Hive set} as a ninja she wears a brown outfit, a silver/navy-ish breastplate (guard) with waves and gems on them and sligthly reavealing her belly is a sky blue see-trough cloth.She carries with her;
-Two fork-like dagers
-Two long swords she rarely uses
-A small heart-shaped pendant her mother gave her when a child
-A bag of mini breakout (and of course break-in) tools.(Unshown cause its behind her back with the swords)

She mostly steals Jewelry and historic objects from her family history.
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