Artemis Picture

An image of the Artemis, the Greek goddess of hunting (and, I think, the moon, and feminism, or something like that).
Long before my KCV assigment - which I'm doing at the moment - involving gods and the underworld, I made this one. For some reason, I never posted it. Probably because I don't like that hand over there.

I have always liked Greek (and Roman) mythology, and Artemis (or Diana for those Roman copycats) has always been one of my favourites, because I could really attach a personality to her. She's peaceful, yet she hunts - how weird is that? Exactly, quite weird. I imagine Artemis as an extremely happy woman, always hopping around like she has too much energy. She'd probably be a vegetarian wearing Greenpeace shirts these days.

Some symbols are included for the die-hards. How many can YOU find???
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