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I really needed to make more profiles for the story I'm working on called Believe in Me. You can find it here: [link]

I still need to develop my characters some more, but oh well I'll do that eventually.

Domino is a "half-breed" meaning that he is a mix of Hounds of Celestia and Hellhounds. His father was a Hound of Celestia, and his Father was a Hellhound.

You might be wondering what Hounds of Celestia are:

Hounds of CelestiaCreatures often described as Large white dogs/hounds/wolves with blue eyes. Their true forms are humans with white hair and blue eyes along with miraculous abilities. They are said to be Guardians and protectors of mankind. Some say they are even heaven sent. Hounds of Celestia, like most Mythological and Mystical Creatures, true forms are only seen by those who believe. Mere humans see them only as large white dogs.

Hellhounds - Creatures often described as Large black dogs with glowing red or yellow eyes. Their true forms are humans with black hair, red/green/yellow eyes, and dark abilities. They are said to be the guardians of the underworld and bringers of death. Only the Hounds of Celestia can contradict or overpower them. Normal humans only see them as Large black dogs. Only Believers will see their true form.

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References Used:
Full Hound: [link]
Aloof Wolf Headshot: [link]
Smiling Wolf Headshot: [link]
Human Form: [link]

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