Gods Picture

Greek mythology :
Zeus the god of thunder and king of Olympus (Jupiter for the Romans) .
Hades god of the underworld and wealth (aka Pluto ) .
Poseidon god of the seas , oceans and earthquakes (Neptune) .
Ares god of brutal war , weapons and the protector of Rome (Mars) .
Aphrodite goddess of love and ... sex ! (Venus)
Artemis goddess of the moon and hunt . (Diane )
Pan god of nature and panic .

Michael the Archangel who commands the armies of angels.
Lucifer the fallen angel who was as powerfull as God. (Satan)
The Horseman of the Apocalypse of civil war.
The Horseman of the Apocalypse of War religion.
The Horseman of the Apocalypse of famine.
The Horseman of the Apocalypse of the disease. ( Death)

Egyptian :
Osiris god of death and rebirth and judge of the damned.
Re king of the gods and god of the sun and the divine fire. (Ra)
Anubis god of funerals and of the passage to the underworld.

Nordic :
Odin king of the gods of Asgard, god of crows.
Thor the god of thunder .
Hel goddess of the underworld and the transition to death.

Aztec :
Quetzalcoatl immortal lord of Aztec, serpents teacher of knowledge to humans.
Tezcatlipoca god of time , war and sacrifice.
Tlaloc god of rain and storms.

Hindu :
Shiva the supreme god, creator and destroyer .
Kali goddess of war , death and destruction .

Japanese :
Amaterasu sun goddess and lord of Kamis.
Susanoo god of storms and wind.

Babylonian :
Ishtar goddess of war and carnal pleasures . ( Inanna in Sumerian )

Viracocha creator god and the god of thunder and storms. ( Quetzalcoatl is the same person sometimes ... )

Gallic :
Cernunnos god of nature and especially animals.

Irish Celtic :
Scathach war goddess or sorceress overpowered .

Aboriginal Australia :
Rainbow Serpent creator of the universe and peoples , the god of water, sky and earth .

Nauruan Africa :
Areop - Enap : goddess of creation ( from the earth to the sun through men).

and a little human... poor pathetic human...

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