Tanis Melinda: Goddess of New Life and Immortality Picture

Better known as the Grim Reaper of Andromeda, she's the Guardian of the Shadowlands (which is the equivalent to the Underworld) and is said to be the creator of new life. She has a ghastly appearance but she can turn into a living being once more. In the Shadowlands, she looks like a ghost with white skin and gray and white hair and a black hood and robe. She rarely visits Seishin Ra, but she has started to more often ever since her apprentice, Alana Lucille, was born. She's also the proud adopted mother of Tristan Hikaru as I said before. She's very close with Ilana Rayana so she has to constantly do favors for Celeste such as free Riktor from the Shadowlands and let Tristan meet her father. So basically, she's the female equivalent to Hades in Greek mythology. Well, enjoy!
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