Saturday's Child Picture

This is the outfit I wore to that party. Minus the sword. I do have a walking stick with an African head in the top but I didn't take it because it would have been a pain to drag it the length of the country, with all my other baggage.
The character herself belongs to an offshoot of the Special Skills world - she's from Darknights. The Reality (nee Team One) is based in Manchester, Darknights is based in Leeds.
She's the daughter of Baron Samedi and the goddaughter of Erzulie Dantor - those of you who know your Voodoo mythology will not be surprised, then, to hear that this girl is a lesbian and a part time death goddess.
Most of the time she resides in the mortal world as Anna Saturday by day and kicks ass as Living Dead Girl at night, but if she gets killed, she goes to the underworld with this look here and becomes Bebe Anna, Last Chance of the Hopeless, and fights for lost souls until noon the following day.
And according to a deal struck with Erzulie Dantor after she got her first mortal girlfriend, if there isn't anyone to watch over her body all night, then there in the underworld she will stay, either for good or until someone cares enough to come get her back...
Good job her current girlfriend's nearly as powerful as she is, really.
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