AATR : Kick Reason to the Curb Picture

Some quicky, unfinished sketches of my characters; myself (in drawn form), Ellis D. (aka LSD), Quay Lewd, and Argos. Redesigned them a bit to be less cartoony and more XTREME!!! (tm). I also thought it'd be fun to mess around with some fonts and make a layout reminiscent of a character selection screen for a Street Fighter Alpha 3 type game (been playing the hell out of it on my PSP). Just a working idea I had; will clean it up once I get back home (which should be very soon, w00t!).

Was supposedly going to be for the Artists at the Ready OCT (aka ATR or AATR) but the more I think about it the more I realize I probably wouldn't have the time to enter something as a full-fledged OCT right now (that and I want to take some time off during the summer).

So, what I probably will do is take
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