Hades Makes a Deal (Colour) Part 1 Picture

OMG! So after looking at my sketch I sooooooo had to come up with a waaaayyyy better story. I LOVE Hades snarky-ness with a combination of being evil, funny and snarky! :3
So after he lost Meg as his minion, I figured he needed a new one. Another helpless girl, he takes advantage of her delicate heart and her soul soon belongs too him! But this girl isn't completely helpless...she is just as snarky as he is! SOOOOO! Here is Part 1 of the story!!!

PS: I don't plan on making this romantic or anything. They're going to kinda be more like friends...a love/hate relationship. It's going to mostly be humor and crazy antics. :3


Manellanie is in love. Every time she looks into James' eyes, her heart melts and tears well up in her eyes, stinging, but letting them flow feels so good.
"I love you so much James...it hurts." She said to him, looking at him through her tears of joy. It felt so good to tell him how she felt this whole time. "It may have took me some time just to admit it to myself but I feel so much better telling you."
"Yeah, I love you too Nellie, but it's only been 2 years...and you feel that strongly about me so soon?" James asked her. He did love her, and he watched her grow from a sad, passive 22 year old girl to a strong, independent woman in the last 2 years, all because of him. But some times, James worried that maybe, she needed more than just him.
He knew her parents died before he even met her, and she was always on her own, until he stepped in. James loved her...but not as much as she loved him. And he would never tell her that.

"Yes! I'm sure...I'm a better person than who I once was. Wh-why would you ask that? Do you doubt me?" Manellanie's voice trembled a bit. She felt he heart sink. Lately she noticed his actions were a little different. James would hardly text her a few words a day. When he would pick her up for their Saturday night date, not a word would escape his blush lips. Manellanie's tears quickly stopped flowing, as she took a breath and listened to him.

"No, it's not that. But...I've been there before...I know what it's like to love some one THAT much. I don't like to say things like 'because I'm older I've experienced more,' but in this case it's kinda true. Maybe you do feel that way right now, but if it were really REALLY true, it would hurt so much more." James spoke in an even tone.

Manellanie let out a sigh and held back her tears. They burned and a painful lump grew in her throat. She swallowed it as the waitress came by to give them their check. Like always, James put in his credit card. Manellanie knew he was tired of always paying, but he was also aware that she didn't exactly make a lot of money working at a locally owned retail store.
The car ride home was silent between the two. James tried to drown out the silence with his music. Manellanie knew he wasn't exactly thrilled in this relationship. She stared out the dark window, only the street lights illuminating her face and the small sections of the road. The cold night and warm yellow street lights didn't bring her that comfort that it normally did. It was just a reminder that he was taking her back to her lonely house her parents' left her before they died. Her stomach clenched as a cold feeling spread from her center to her whole body making her tremble a bit. "damn this anxiety!" She shouted in her head. Manellanie looked over to james before she reached for the car door, smiling a little at him. James gave her a smirk and placed a hand behind her neck, pulling her in to kiss her forehead. She closed her eyes and let a tear fall, but smiled.
"I do love you." James said softly. "You're my Nellie."
She nodded and looked at him. "Yeah." She said weakly.

Manellanie let herself fall face first into her comfy bed. She let the cool sheets caress her exposed skin and the soft pillow form around her head. The dark room comforted her for once in her life. As long as she was in the dark, no one could see her cry, right?
A long, drawn out sigh escaped her tight lungs. "He's not completely happy...is he?" She asked herself out loud.
"I want him as happy with me as I am with him...how do I do that? What am I doing wrong?!" Her voice got a little louder in frustration.
"I love him so much... -sigh- I'd sell my soul just to make him happy." With that said, Manellanie rolled over on her side, that shaved side of her head relaxing against the coolness of the pillow. She closed her eyes and drifted off into a dream-less, mind-numbing sleep.


The sharp, loud, annoying blaring of Manellanie's alarm made her shoot her eyes open in immediate anger. She slammed off the alarm. Manellanie wasn't too fond of early morning.
"What the-?! I didn't set my alarm!" She growled. After the silence of her alarm, she groaned and turned back over to sleep, only to be greeted with a smooth, snarky voice.

"Hey now, that's no way to treat your alarm clock. How would you like it if someone kicked your butt every day for doing your job?"

Manellanie gasped and rolled off her bed. "OH MY GOD WHO THE HECK ARE YOU?!" In fear, she could barely breathe and gasped for air that felt like wasn't there. She looked at the tall, grey skinned figure with the blue flame hair. The tall man gave her a sharp toothy grin and offered her his hand to help her up. When she didn't accept his hand, he grabbed her thin wrist tightly and jerked her to her feet.
"AHH! What heck? STOP! LET ME GO!" Manellanie screamed.

He let go and held his hand out again in a friendly handshake gesture.
"Hey, Hades, Lord of the Dead, hi, how ya doin'?"

Manellanie looked at his hand and back into his piercing yellow eyes and sharp, toothy grin. Her once, sweet smelling bedroom smelled like something was rotting and everything felt damp and the air was heavy. Catching her breath from the excitement, she gave him a confused look. "Excuse me? Who?!"

"Hades! Lord of the Underworld, keeper of the dead, also known as 'Pluto' in lame old Roman mythology." He spoke fast, like a car sales man.

"No...way.....I don't believe in make-believe like that." She sneered.
"Hey, look girly, I don't make the rules, I just follow them. I heard your little wish last night and here I am to make ya a deal kid!"
"I'm not a kid! I'm an adult and I don't make kiddy wishes! Leave before I call the cops!"
"You're gonna try to have the lord of the Underworld arrested? Haha, alright, let me show you what I can really do." Hades spoke darkly and lowered his glare onto Manellanie. He grabber her wrist tightly, and without giving her a chance to struggle, they were gone in smoke and fire.

Manellanie couldn't see a thing through all the smoke, and the air was gone from her lungs, and replaced with thick, heavy smoke. Though Hades tight grip was freezing cold, she felt the heat from the flames surrounding her.
Soon, under her bare feet, she felt ice cold stone where the soft carpet of her room once was. The heavy smoke cleared in a flash and suddenly she could breathe again. The air she breathed in was stale cold and each breath made her colder and feel stiff herself. She pulled from Hades grip and and stumbled back. Looking around, Manellanie knew she wasn't home anymore.

The room was round, everything carved from stone and columns made of skulls and bones.Webs and flesh fill the corners of the room and to one side, a large black throne made of what look like marble and thorns sat alone. In the center of the room was a large map of what looked like the land where they could possibly be. Little figurines, like chess pieces sat on the map, scattered. Large openings in the walls appeared to be windows over looking a pale river. Examining more closely, Manellanie saw transparent bodies floating along the river, but none of them seemed to be swimming nor struggling... they just...floated all in one direction...lifeless. The only sound other than Manellanie's heavy pants were that of hollow wind coming through the windows, making an echo through the large room her and Hades were in.

"Believe me now kid?" Hades smirked as he lit a cigar with only his thumb.
"OH GOD! AM I DEAD?! NO! I CAN'T BE!" Manellanie began to panic, breathing heavy, putting a hand over her heart to check for her pulse, a hand on her throat to make sure her air passages were working.
"Whoa whoa whoa hey! Calm down! Relllaaaaaxxxx! You're only visiting." Hades placed a heavy, cold hand on her bare shoulder.
She pulled back quickly. Feeling exposed in only her tank top and shorts, she crossed her arms and became defensive against Hades.
"Alright! ALRIGHT! I believe you... not that I have a choice...normally I'd say I was dreaming but this.... this is all too real...Can you prove I'm not dreaming?! ANd what do you want? What's going on?!"
"Calm down, I only wanna make a teeny, tiny deal, you'll barely remember it." Hades smooth voice made her tremble in fear.

"What's it to ya? WHy do you wanna make me a deal?" Manellanie hissed.
"Hey, it's what I do, I collect souls and make deals with the living to help increase that number. I heard that you would sell your soul to make sure your boyfriend was as happy as you are, am I right?"
"Why are my problems your business? And what makes you think I was serious?! SELL MY SOUL?! TO YOU?! ARE YOU SERIOUS?!" Manellanie began to panic again.

Hades placed a cold hand on her chin and she could feel his icy breath on her ear, and the deathly stench from his breath. "Because, it was a deal your heart is willing to make."

Holding her breath and turning to look at him she asked him, with a pit in her stomach...unsure what her answer would be... she was willing to listen at the least, "What's the deal you have in mind?"

Smiling playfully, Hades circled Manellanie, talking smooth and gentle. "You promise your soul to me, in exchange, I make sure your boyfriend is happier than ever. Until you die, you'll kind of be like...my employee. Any free time of yours, is spent doing things for me. And when you eventually die, you get the first class ticket! You don't have to join all those party poopers in the Styx river, you get to stay up here with me and continue to work with me for all eternity! But you get the happiness of a loving boyfriend while your alive! Isn't that what you wanted? A small price for BIG happiness! What do you say? I can make all those dreams you have come true..."

"So... when I'm not with my boyfriend, I just do your dirty work? And when I'm old and I die... I still work for you?" Manellanie repeated back, making sure she understood.

"Yeah! And let me tell you something babe, working for me is easy. You'll be like my...personal secretary. What do ya say?"

Manellanie gave Hades an uneasy look. James would be happy and they could live happily ever after... but her night job would be that of Hades personal secretary... should she? This isn't an easy decision to make after only being awake fore about 20 minutes and making your first trip down to the Underworld....

*End Part 1*

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