LampadsLampadesFire Nymphs Picture

This drawing I just finished editing. I finished drawing it like several days ago, but editing the flame blurs was tedious....>_<;

Anywho, these fiery beings are lampads. Based on the lampades of greek mythology. In greeks myths, the lampades were a species of nymphs who reside in the underworld. They were followers of Hekate/Hecate the goddess of witchcraft and magic.
In my world, lampads are elemental nymphs who reside in or are spiritually tied to volcanoes. They have powers over fire, lava, and magma, and their powers over fire become useless when they are submerged under water. Despite their flaming heads, it is not fire growing on their heads , but actual hair. Their hair merely flickers and shines as if it were actual fire. Lampads are naturally warm to the touch, and they can ake themselves warmer or even hotter at will. Since they are mortal personifications of fire, they are unharmed by it. Lampad hair, eyes, and skin usually come in shades of red, orange, yellow, and pink, but they do come in shades of other colours as well. The reason why my lampads are nymphs of fire is because the lampades in greek myths held torches for the dead, and for me, that was about the closest thing to a fire nymph that the greek myths could provide.
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